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  • President’s Message, Nora Koerber

  • Calendar Update, Ken Ronney, Exhibits Chair

  • Staying CAL Connected

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  • Call for Membership Chair

  • Artist Feature, Ken Kochakji

  • Member Happenings

  • In Memoriam, Richard Herd

President’s Message, June 2020, Nora Koerber

Hello, CAL members,

I’m going to use a sailing term. We’re “in irons”. That means, for the time being, the sailboat isn’t going anywhere; no wind to move it. We’re all in that boat, together; the whole world is. Places are beginning to open up here and there, enabling a bit more mobility, but all is within the context of taking precaution and, let’s face it: our chances.

Our longtime president past and current exhibit Chair, Ken Ronney, will lend his thoughts upon the circumstances that prevail in regards to our show.

Ken and I discussed how a show’s reception is really about people meeting, connecting, sharing their thoughts and ideas about the art. It’s about people and their art…in the flesh, so to speak. An online show doesn’t have the same zeigtgeist, spirit, atmosphere. We are hoping and aiming for the best, which would be a physical reception. But given strictures, we’re not sure, at this point. We’re in irons, with the sail, luffing.

However, on a brighter note, while we are waiting, we can still create. I’ve sent out a note requesting members to show what they’ve been working on and thank you for the responses so far! This is always encouraging to know and to see.

I leave you without answers but we will, in time, have them. In the meantime, keep creating and contributing. Let us hear from you!


 Nora Koerber, President, CAL


Calendar Updates, Nora Koerber, President & Ken Ronney, Exhibits Chair

Letter to Membership re: Exhibits --This is a REPEAT of a notice sent out earlier, included for your reference:

Last night, the CAL board of directors had a major planning meeting. Our goal was to make realistic and meaningful plans for the rest of this year regarding our exhibits. We realize exhibits are the lifeblood of the club and don’t want to stop them entirely. Our home gallery the SFVACC, unfortunately, will not be available for any exhibits or physical receptions.  We have decided to have two online exhibits for the rest of the year. The first, the “Changeexhibit, which was supposed to go up for hanging just as the covid-19 closedown started, is now targeted to go on-line by the end of July.  All of you who entered the exhibit and were notified your work was accepted are now in the final Judging for awards. Our juror originally wanted to select award winners with an in-person viewing, but he has agreed to judge by the artist-submitted on-line images. Awards will be announced to all and mailed out to the winners once that process is complete.  As a consolation for not having the show at the gallery, we are extending free membership for 2021 to all those who entered the “Change” show! We are also looking into including advertising on-line for the show, which is new for us, but will provide the opportunity to see how that works out for us. Additionally, our upcoming Gold Medal exhibit, slated for October, will be online, themed “Wild World”.

Stay tuned for details about the date of opening of “Change” and other upcoming activities.

Thank you for your patience!

Nora Koerber, President

Ken Ronney, Exhibits Chair


Staying CAL Connected

Share images of your latest work on the California Art League Facebook page:

AND a big welcome to our newest board member, Eric Renard, who has stepped up to get our Instagram account up and running. Here is a link:  .    

You can follow at: #CalArtLeague. Hashtag the artwork that you’ve been creating during the stay at home guidelines and get a chance to be featured!

You can check out Eric’s Photo Art at:  


Call For Membership Chair

CAL needs a Membership Chair.  This is an important position that keeps us vital and growing as an organization.  Essentially, duties will include: keeping the roster current on new members and established members, sending out welcome letters, sending out alerts for membership dues, reminders for overdue membership, within our website's database. Our prior chair can run you through these duties.

Eric Renard, our member who heads up Instagram for CAL has graciously agreed to serve as Interim Membership Chair, but we need your help if you are willing and able. Please contact Nora Koerber if you think you would be interested in volunteering for this position:


Artist Feature, Ken Kochakji

Briefly, what is your background in Art? Or, what got you interested in doing art?

I’ve always been interested in creative photography. I majored in photography at Santa Monica City college in the 1960s.

 What is your media and method of working?

 My media is Digital Photography through editing on my Mac computer.

 How long have you been working in this way?

 About seven years when I learned to work off of iPhoto’s on the Mac.

 How does the way you work become a mode of expression for you?

I am very open to all formats of photography and art. I seek to explore everything there is in the human experience. I don’t set limits. I am very aware of my surroundings, and often carry my camera when I go out, in the event that I see an opportunity for an amazing photo.

Can you describe one to three works of your art and tell us a little story about each one?  For instance, were you responding to a call for entries’ theme or responding to a place, a memory, a concept or feeling you had inside?

Holes in Their Pants. I was driving northbound on Reseda Boulevard about two years ago. While stopped at a light, I observed a young man with holes in his jeans, sitting on a bench at a bus stop. He had his face in his hands, probably looking at his cell phone. Behind him, on the back of the bench, was a large photo featuring a voluptuous young woman posing for a blue jeans ad, who also had holes in her pants. The mirrored attire of both characters struck me. After editing the photograph, I finished the format in an abstract fashion. I entered it in the Tarzana Gallery Art Exhibit and won first place. The theme was “The Art of Creative Aging IV” judged by Eileen Hecht.

 What are your goals in your art? Are there new things you’d like to do? Any dreams?

My dream is to have my own, personal exhibit. I’d like to acquire an agent to promote my work.

Aside from showing in exhibits, what other ways have you manifested your artistic talents? For instance, do you teach art? Do you work in an art-related service that others might wish to know about?

I lectured at the Museum of the San Fernando Valley on the topic of photography and was involved in several art exhibits. I also assisted as a curator.

What might you suggest to those who may want to work in your genre, in regards to subject, matter, style, or medium?

I would suggest that people keep an open mind and train themselves to be keen observers of life; To be open to all forms of art. The essence of photography is catching the moment and much of that is achieved by patience. I try to embrace all people who are interesting and have a story to tell, no matter what their position in society.

 Have you won awards?

I am currently being juried in an art exhibit in Paris, France, in the category of Street Photography and Human Interest. I have been fortunate to have won Honorable Mentions, first, second and third place at Thousand Oaks Art Gallery and La Galeria Gitana, in addition to the San Fernando Valley Arts and Cultural Center.

Is there anything else you’d like to say about your art? Or what experience in your journey of being an artist that stands out to you as being a kind of “turning point” for the style and work that you do?

My journey in photography has taken me from working in a darkroom, created in the kitchen of my studio apartment as a young man to the advanced technology of digital photography that we know today. I have a good rapport with the printer I work with, which makes my work fun. 

If anyone is interested to see more of your work, where can they find you?

 My website is

Thank you very much for your time and sharing your beautiful artwork with us, Ken Kochakji. We look forward to seeing your work in our shows and on your website!

CAL Member Happenings

Our vibrant CAL Members have been creating during the Shelter In Place Order and also as we all slowly emerge from our isolation.

CAL Member, Sharon Weaver, Offering Online Classes

Join Sharon Weaver online for landscape painting classes every Wednesday and Friday from 10:30 to 11:30. Wednesday is a critique of your works in progress. Send a photo and Sharon will make corrections using Photoshop so you can see the steps to creating a better painting. The Friday class inspires and teaches you the steps for painting in oils. Join Sharon on Zoom and sign up for the class at Kline Academy of Fine Art. Call:310-927-2436 or go to the website at

Thanks!  Sharon,


CAL Member, Candace Nadine Breen

The name of the painting is "Ir'bana" and it relates to African Americans unconnected from their ancestry as depicted by the woman in the city background. Attached is a bio of me and you can use as much of it as you like. I've attached a second painting I did called "One Love". I was just in the mood to paint it.

Candace Nadine Breen is of West African ( Nigeria, Benin, Cameroon ) descent and wears many hats. She taught English in Providence, Rhode Island for eleven years for grades seven and nine. During that time, she tried to find her place in society while being driven away from various religious organizations for her inability to conform to their standards. While raising a family, she returned to school and earned a Master’s in Human Services with a focus on Marriage and Family Counseling. She was later a real estate agent for a few years but found it unfulfilling , stressful and time consuming. After taking time to open up herself to her true path, she buried herself in metaphysical studies, earning a Master’s of Science and Doctorate in Metaphysics. She became a Spiritualist Minister which seemed like the perfect occupation for her, at first, but she gradually felt that she was outgrowing the Spiritualist community and was told by a medium unknown to her that her path would not end with the Spiritualist Church. She is now a Metaphysical Minister.

It was very difficult for Candace to fit into societal boxes and , after, falling into depression, she threw caution to the wind and decided to follow her true calling. She embraced her psychic talents, wrote and published three successful memoirs, threw herself into her art and began working on children’s books, young adult fiction books and sci-fi novels.

Although Candace is a Master Gardener, she has always loved gardening and just being outside in nature. She has found satisfaction in earth-based religions and solitary spiritual practices despite the fact that she refuses to be labeled as any particular religion. She enjoys being in her garden, meditating in her wooded and quiet backyard, painting, art, and spending time with her family. She studies earth magick, gives Spirit messages via intuitive tarot reading, runes, herbal medicine and her mediumship abilities. Candace also devotes herself to speaking, helping and healing for the highest and greatest good. She hosts the podcast “It’s All Good: Magick, Mysticism & Earth Medicine”.

Candace resides in Barrington, Rhode Island with her loving family consisting of her devoted husband, two very talented and creative childrenand their two loving and mystical cats.


CAL Member Bob Ritterbush

I have been doing artwork since age five. I have been focusing on oil painting for the past few years.  My subject matter has been the southern and central California land and sea scapes.  At age 68 my main focus has been in the Morro Bay, Point Lobos and Yosemite scenes. Attached are four other scenes from Morro bay and Point Lobos painted recently.




CAL Member, Robin Cohen

My latest piece is the trunk of a Dawn Redwood tree from the LA Arboretum, created for The Nature of Sculpture ll show to be held at the Arboretum. It was supposed to have been installed on March 26th, with the formal reception on April 18th. Obviously, that didn't happen and I stopped working on it for a couple of months. I was almost finished and decided to get back to it in the last couple of weeks. Whenever they call, Totem will be ready! 



Robin M Cohen


CAL Member, Rea Nagel

Magic Mountain 10 x 10  Mixed Media

Peaks and Valleys 22 x 30 Mixed Media

Magic Mountain ,  wish I was up in the mountains and able to roam free             Peaks and Valleys our emotions go up and down and try to maintain stability.



CAL Member, Terry Romero Paul

Terry Romero Paul

"Leopard Print" 24"x24" - oil painting

"Giraffe Print" 24"x24" - oil painting

"Cheetah Print" 24"x24" - oil painting

"Zebra Print" 24"x24" - oil painting

CAL Member, Tricia Kaman

Tricia Kaman's oil paintings, Queen Elizabeth (40 x 30) and Cowgirl (30 x 26) , were accepted into the

Hollywood Comes to San Fernando Exhibit at 

La Galeria Gitana

120 N. Maclay Ave Suite E

(Behind Manzanitas & between City Hall)

San Fernando, CA 91340

Phone: (818) 898-7708

It is scheduled to open this summer.

July 11- August 21, 2020  

In Memoriam, Richard Herd

In Memoriam

Richard Herd  1932-2020

Richard was a long-time member of CAL.  He passed away on  May 26, 2020.  Richard was a very accomplished painter and sculptor and regularly entered CAL exhibits with highly original works.  Below is one of his sculptures and one painting.


Richard was also a well-known actor who performed in many  motion pictures and television series.  You may remember his from multiple appearances in the original “Star Trek” series.

Thank you!  Remember to send the latest news about your art to Marie Massey, CAL Newsletter Editor for publication.  Wishing you all continued good health:

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