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Karol Blumenthal

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My first art work was an abstract oil painting done in my teens. No more art for almost 30 years. Then, art began to creep into my life in the 1980’s while studying Interior Design. In 2003, I took a week-long intensive class in Collage which opened up the world of creating art for me. My collages involve the use of abstract design sometimes organic sometimes geometric, but almost always abstract. I love color, contrast, texture, nature, and architecture and find these showing up in my work. In addition to collage, I have worked in acrylics, oils, mixed-media, pastels, enamel and glass.
With the advent of the digital camera, I discovered photography; then came my introduction to Photoshop and I was hooked. Wow, to be able to take as many photos as you want without worrying about the cost of film and developing is amazing. All of my digital art starts with my straight photography which I morph into abstract designs or recognizable subjects in very unrecognizable circumstances (changing of shape, color, texture or . . .). What happens is some form of magic which occurs between me and my computer. Neither of us could produce the work without the other – each piece is a very magical, intuitive “event”. My work also reflects my great love of Los Angeles, architecture, California, travel and the natural landscape. The world is so visually beautiful and my art takes that beauty to new and interesting places.
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