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Upcoming Exhibit

Change International Open Spring Exhibit, juried by Preston Craig at the San Fernando Valley Arts & Cultural Center, 18312 Oxnard St, Tarzana, CA 91356, from March 31 to April 25, 2020. Call for entries is open until midnight March 1, 2020. More information at

Past Exhibits

2019 Gold Medal Exhibit, Motion
Music in Motion
  • Best of Show (Gold Medal): Music in Motion by Natalie Smythe
  • First Place: On the Run by Martha Chapin
  • Second Place: Sweet Death by Zahra Pezeshk
  • Third Place: Diana, Aim High; Let Your Arrow Fly by Nora Koerber
  • Merchant Awards:
    • Power Within by Michael Wicks
    • Mistry Forest by Martha Chapin
    • Met Tour by Gregory Radionov
  • Honorable Mentions:
    • Dancing by Michael Wicks
    • Lamb Chops a Go Go by Dottie Korn-Davis
    • Reaching Upwards by Nicholas Kennedy
    • Garden Delight by Karol Blumenthal

2019 Renewal
Joy by Lore Eckelberry
  • Best of Show: Joy by Lore Eckelberry
  • First Place: Welcome the Day by Nora Koerber
  • Second Place: Green Beauty by Elizabeth Covington
  • Third Place: The Golden One by Damon Reinagle
  • Merchant Awards:
    • Beach After Storm by Joanne Chase-Mattillo
    • Butterfly by Natalie Smythe
    • Taryn by Lilong Shi
    • Remaking the Music by Brenda Welsh
  • Honorable Mentions:
    • Awakening by Marian Fortunati
    • Dissolve by Holly Highfield
    • Restoration by Brenda Welsh
    • Coming Out by Michael Wicks

2019 Blue
A Shade of Blue by Natalie Smythe
  • Best of Show: A Shade of Blue by Natalie Smythe
  • First Place: Rach 2 by Joanne Aloni-Boldon
  • Second Place: Thailand, River Kwai, No. 2 by Joanne Chase-Mattillo
  • Third Place: Sky Wall by Jane Thorpe
  • Merchant Awards:
    • Get a Grip by Tricia Hoye
    • Spanish Shawl by Michael Wicks
    • Moody Lake and Fog by Elizabeth Covington
    • No Access by James A. Fraser
  • Honorable Mentions:
    • Uni (Urchin) by Michael Wicks
    • Misty Mountain by Sharon Weaver
    • Magical Mountains by Sharon Weaver
    • Blue Room by Gregory Radionov

2018 Gold Medal Exhibit, Fantasy
Stella by Brian Zheng
  • Best of Show (Gold Medal): Stella by Brian Zheng
  • First Place: Boy on the Edge by Michael John Pittas
  • Second Place: Mia by Brian Zheng
  • Third Place: California by Gregory Radionov
  • Merchant Awards:
    • Murder of Crows by Judy Winard Hirsty
    • The Word by Margie Russomanno Schunk
    • Allegory of 2016 by Rosina Maize
    • Water Way by Lynne Schneeman Fearman
  • Honorable Mentions:
    • Thou shalt build an altar unto me… by Kuniko Ruch
    • Bachelor And 3 Graces by Michael Wicks
    • Sight Unseen by Natalie Smythe
    • Red Kimono by Yona Rapoport
2018 Expressions
2017 Gold Medal Exhibit, Glow
2017 Dreams
2017 Whimsy
2016 Red
2016 Gold Medal Exhibit, Spirits of the Night
2016 A Moment in Time
2016 Art In A Free Society
2015 Smaller Works Exhibit Fire and Ice
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