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Current Exhibit

2024 Small Things, Curated by Ken Ronney & Eric Renard

Best of Show: Velda Ruddock - Beauty Pinned by Rock
1st Place: Natalie Obermaier - Kitty
2nd Place: Virgina Kamhi - Twofer
3rd Place: Laura Green - Binoculars

Honorable Mentions: Steve Lawrence, Blue Mobius, Mike Major, Heisler Sunset, Lynn Dodge, Continuum 5
Theodore Herman Award: 
Maureen Haldeman, Pace of Nature I

Past Exhibits


Best of Show: Tyler Abshier "Orange Grove Hacienda, Ojai"
1st Place: Harvey Cusworth "PCH Morning"
2nd Place: Holly Beals "Moonrise at Spyglass"
3rd Place: Jim Wilson "Motel Pool at Night"

Honorable Mentions: Michele Chapin "Monarch", Jonathan Farber "San Francisco", Bonnie Taylor "Sundog on the Carrizo"
Theodore Herman Award: Eric Renard "Death Valley Yin & Yang"


Best of Show: Yi-Ching Lee - Felluca Sailor on Nile ‐ Oil ‐ 29 x 23 ‐ $1900
First Place: Vickie Pellouchoud - Dreamer ‐ Oil ‐ 14 x 17 ‐ $600
Second Place: Janet Johnson - Bound But Not for Glory ‐ Soft Pastel ‐ 24 x 20 ‐ $625
Third Place: Dan Katz - Creation ‐ Photography ‐ 16 x 16 ‐ $350

Honorable Mentions: Peter Schuller; Joanne Chase-Matillo; Anette Power 
Theodore Herman Award: Joe Doherty


Best of Show: Diann Klink  - Wind & Rain ‐ Mixed Media ‐ 8 x 10 ‐ $350
First Place: Shicheng Zhao - Back to the Mountain ‐ Charcoal ‐ 9 x 24 ‐ NFS
Second Place: Jinyue Gu - Mongolian Horse and Warrior ‐ Sculpture ‐ 24 x 22 x 10 ‐ NFS
Third Place: Annie Robinson - Transmigration ‐ Charcoal ‐ sanded paper ‐ 24 x 36 - NFS


Best of Show: Ziyi Chen - The Temperature of Memory ‐ Watercolor ‐ 27 x 43 ‐ NFS 
First Place: Haoran Chang - Namucuo's Reflection ‐ Oil ‐ 24 x 20 ‐ $600
Second Place: Eric Renard - Mist at Sunset Yosmite ‐ Photography ‐ 10 x 15 ‐ $550
Third Place: Megan Frances - Subtropical Tangle II ‐ Acrylic ‐ 48 x 30 ‐ $4,000

2022 California Dreams, Juried by Brooke Harper 

Best of Show: Eric M Renard - Walk of Fame - Photography $550
First Place: Natalie Smythe - Vision of Dignity and Pride ‐ Mixed Dry Media $1200
Second Place: Michael Wicks - Kelp 2 ‐ Photography $1000
Third Place: Kyoko Ishigami - Big Sur Reverie ‐ Oil $1200

2021 Gold Medal Exhibit “Delights and Shadows”, Juried by Angela Phillips 

Best of Show:Maxwell Miller- Self Portrait 2020 ‐ Charcoal ‐ 10 x 8 ‐ Not For Sale 
First Place: Paul M. Murray- Morning Trek to Water ‐ Color Photography ‐ 15 x 30 ‐ $695.00
Second Place: Tricia Hoye- What's on the Horizon ‐ Acrylic ‐ 18 x 24 ‐ $475.00
Third Place:Judy Knott- Chasing the Light ‐ Oil ‐ 24 x 30 ‐ $1800.00

2021 Sublime, Juried by Virginal Causton-Keene

Best of Show: Dai, Gang - Baslica di San Marco ‐ Oil
First Place: Rusczyk, Vanessa - Sacred Datura at Sunrise ‐ Oil 
Second Place: Gardner, Dina - Reprise
Third Place: Just Breathe ‐ oil and cold wax with collage

2020 Gold, juried by Victor Picou

Best of Show: Siren by Kinsey Lane ‐ Colored Pencil
First Place: Annihilation of Innocuous by Alireza Amadi ‐ Watercolor 
Second Place: The Future is in My Hand by Doriana Sinnett ‐ digital
Third Place: Brunhilde in the Netherlands” by Ken Kochakji ‐ Photography

2020 Holiday Exhibit, juried by Ken Ronney

2020 Change, juried by Preston Craig

Best of Show: Trilogy 1 - Brazilian Rain Forest 1960 by Karen Schroder
First Place: free will by Gregory Radionov
Second Place: Enormity by Paul M. Murray
Third Place: Traffic Solutions? by Karol Blumenthal
Merchant Awards:
Crowned In Gold by Jane Thorpe
Lucerne, Switzerland fantasy by Ken Kochakji
Honorable Mentions:
Warming & Cooling Trends by Debra Hintz
Fading Colors by Eric Renard
High Tide by David Aswad
Freedom Fighters by Sylvia H. Goulden
People's Choice: Whimsical by Janet Yoo

2019 Gold Medal Exhibit, Motion

Best of Show (Gold Medal): Music in Motion by Natalie Smythe
First Place: On the Run by Martha Chapin
Second Place: Sweet Death by Zahra Pezeshk
Third Place: Diana, Aim High; Let Your Arrow Fly by Nora Koerber
Merchant Awards:
Power Within by Michael Wicks
Mistry Forest by Martha Chapin
Met Tour by Gregory Radionov
Honorable Mentions:
Dancing by Michael Wicks
Lamb Chops a Go Go by Dottie Korn-Davis
Reaching Upwards by Nicholas Kennedy
Garden Delight by Karol Blumenthal

2019 Renewal

Best of Show: Joy by Lore Eckelberry
First Place: Welcome the Day by Nora Koerber
Second Place: Green Beauty by Elizabeth Covington
Third Place: The Golden One by Damon Reinagle
Merchant Awards:
Beach After Storm by Joanne Chase-Mattillo
Butterfly by Natalie Smythe
Taryn by Lilong Shi
Remaking the Music by Brenda Welsh
Honorable Mentions:
Awakening by Marian Fortunati
Dissolve by Holly Highfield
Restoration by Brenda Welsh
Coming Out by Michael Wicks

2019 Blue

Best of Show: A Shade of Blue by Natalie Smythe
First Place: Rach 2 by Joanne Aloni-Boldon
Second Place: Thailand, River Kwai, No. 2 by Joanne Chase-Mattillo
Third Place: Sky Wall by Jane Thorpe
Merchant Awards:
Get a Grip by Tricia Hoye
Spanish Shawl by Michael Wicks
Moody Lake and Fog by Elizabeth Covington
No Access by James A. Fraser
Honorable Mentions:
Uni (Urchin) by Michael Wicks
Misty Mountain by Sharon Weaver
Magical Mountains by Sharon Weaver
Blue Room by Gregory Radionov

2018 Gold Medal Exhibit, Fantasy

Best of Show (Gold Medal): Stella by Brian Zheng
First Place: Boy on the Edge by Michael John Pittas
Second Place: Mia by Brian Zheng
Third Place: California by Gregory Radionov
Merchant Awards:
Murder of Crows by Judy Winard Hirsty
The Word by Margie Russomanno Schunk
Allegory of 2016 by Rosina Maize
Water Way by Lynne Schneeman Fearman
Honorable Mentions:
Thou shalt build an altar unto me… by Kuniko Ruch
Bachelor And 3 Graces by Michael Wicks
Sight Unseen by Natalie Smythe
Red Kimono by Yona Rapoport

2018 Expressions
2017 Gold Medal Exhibit, Glow
2017 Dreams
2017 Whimsy
2016 Red
2016 Gold Medal Exhibit, Spirits of the Night
2016 A Moment in Time
2016 Art In A Free Society
2015 Smaller Works Exhibit Fire and Ice

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