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Upcoming Exhibit

2021 International Spring On-Line Exhibit
  • Best in Show: 
  • 1st Place Award:  
  • 2nd Place Award: 
  • 3rd Place Award: 

Affordable Holiday Art Show

2020 Holiday Exhibit, juried by Ken Ronney

Current Exhibit

2020 Gold, juried by Victor Picou
  • Best of Show: Siren by Kinsey Lane ‐ Colored Pencil
  • First Place: Annihilation of Innocuous by Alireza Amadi ‐ Watercolor 
  • Second Place: The Future is in My Hand by Doriana Sinnett ‐ digital
  • Third Place: Brunhilde in the Netherlands” by Ken Kochakji ‐ Photography

Past Exhibits

2020 Change, juried by Preston Craig

  • Best of Show: Trilogy 1 - Brazilian Rain Forest 1960 by Karen Schroder
  • First Place: free will by Gregory Radionov
  • Second Place: Enormity by Paul M. Murray
  • Third Place: Traffic Solutions? by Karol Blumenthal
  • Merchant Awards:
    • Crowned In Gold by Jane Thorpe
    • Lucerne, Switzerland fantasy by Ken Kochakji
  • Honorable Mentions:
    • Warming & Cooling Trends by Debra Hintz
    • Fading Colors by Eric Renard
    • High Tide by David Aswad
    • Freedom Fighters by Sylvia H. Goulden
  • People's Choice: Whimsical by Janet Yoo

2019 Gold Medal Exhibit, Motion
Music in Motion
  • Best of Show (Gold Medal): Music in Motion by Natalie Smythe
  • First Place: On the Run by Martha Chapin
  • Second Place: Sweet Death by Zahra Pezeshk
  • Third Place: Diana, Aim High; Let Your Arrow Fly by Nora Koerber
  • Merchant Awards:
    • Power Within by Michael Wicks
    • Mistry Forest by Martha Chapin
    • Met Tour by Gregory Radionov
  • Honorable Mentions:
    • Dancing by Michael Wicks
    • Lamb Chops a Go Go by Dottie Korn-Davis
    • Reaching Upwards by Nicholas Kennedy
    • Garden Delight by Karol Blumenthal

2019 Renewal
Joy by Lore Eckelberry
  • Best of Show: Joy by Lore Eckelberry
  • First Place: Welcome the Day by Nora Koerber
  • Second Place: Green Beauty by Elizabeth Covington
  • Third Place: The Golden One by Damon Reinagle
  • Merchant Awards:
    • Beach After Storm by Joanne Chase-Mattillo
    • Butterfly by Natalie Smythe
    • Taryn by Lilong Shi
    • Remaking the Music by Brenda Welsh
  • Honorable Mentions:
    • Awakening by Marian Fortunati
    • Dissolve by Holly Highfield
    • Restoration by Brenda Welsh
    • Coming Out by Michael Wicks

2019 Blue
A Shade of Blue by Natalie Smythe
  • Best of Show: A Shade of Blue by Natalie Smythe
  • First Place: Rach 2 by Joanne Aloni-Boldon
  • Second Place: Thailand, River Kwai, No. 2 by Joanne Chase-Mattillo
  • Third Place: Sky Wall by Jane Thorpe
  • Merchant Awards:
    • Get a Grip by Tricia Hoye
    • Spanish Shawl by Michael Wicks
    • Moody Lake and Fog by Elizabeth Covington
    • No Access by James A. Fraser
  • Honorable Mentions:
    • Uni (Urchin) by Michael Wicks
    • Misty Mountain by Sharon Weaver
    • Magical Mountains by Sharon Weaver
    • Blue Room by Gregory Radionov

2018 Gold Medal Exhibit, Fantasy
Stella by Brian Zheng
  • Best of Show (Gold Medal): Stella by Brian Zheng
  • First Place: Boy on the Edge by Michael John Pittas
  • Second Place: Mia by Brian Zheng
  • Third Place: California by Gregory Radionov
  • Merchant Awards:
    • Murder of Crows by Judy Winard Hirsty
    • The Word by Margie Russomanno Schunk
    • Allegory of 2016 by Rosina Maize
    • Water Way by Lynne Schneeman Fearman
  • Honorable Mentions:
    • Thou shalt build an altar unto me… by Kuniko Ruch
    • Bachelor And 3 Graces by Michael Wicks
    • Sight Unseen by Natalie Smythe
    • Red Kimono by Yona Rapoport
2018 Expressions
2017 Gold Medal Exhibit, Glow
2017 Dreams
2017 Whimsy
2016 Red
2016 Gold Medal Exhibit, Spirits of the Night
2016 A Moment in Time
2016 Art In A Free Society
2015 Smaller Works Exhibit Fire and Ice
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