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Cal welcomes all levels of artists whether you are a professional or beginner. Applicants are Associate Members until accepted as Exhibiting members.

LONG DISTANCE MEMBERS ARE WELCOME.  All of CAL's major exhibits are now juried by digital photos (.jpg images).  Jurying in of new associates to become Exhibiting Members (see below) can by done by .jpg photos.  Obviously, this makes long-distance membership an easy reality.  However, we recognize that most artwork does not look as good in photos as in person, and we only recommend jurying in by photo if the artist lives over 100 miles from the Los Angeles area.  We accept shipment of artwork for exhibit once it has been selected for inclusion in an exhibit by the exhibit judge.


New Associate Member An artist joins CAL by becoming a New Associate Member.  The membership fee combines a one-year membership and a one-time $10.00 initiation fee.
All associate members have full membership privileges and may participate in mini-shows, open shows, and other non-juried CAL exhibits. 
    Jurying-in process:  To participate in major juried exhibits, associates must submit works to the Jurying committee to be juried-in and be recognized as an Exhibiting member.  During jurying, three of the artist's works are viewed by the committee.  The works must all have been produced in the last three years and be in the same medium and genre (i.e. landscape, portrait, abstract, etc).  Our jurying committee will look at them to verify you are consistently proficient in use of your medium, competent in style, and that you produce high quality, gallery exhibit level works. 
  At the time of jurying-in, new members are also invited to submit the link to their on-line portfolio or web site.  This gives the jurying committee a better chance to accurately assess the artist's talent and breadth and depth of their art work.  If you work in more than one genre and/or medium, this is the chance to let the committee know.   
    Jurying-in of Associate members by committee takes place three times a year, preceeding the winter, summer and fall exhibits.  One more opportunity to jury in is in the spring, during our "Open" exhibit. This exhibit is open to anyone, non-members and all members.  A non-member enters with a small premium entry fee, and becomes a new member.   At this time,  new members and all Associate members become provisional exhibiting members.  If the artist enters the exhibit and the exhibit judge selects the artists work to be in the exhibit, they become Exhibiting Members and can enter any exhibit without presenting work to the jurying committee.  

Provisional Exhibiting Member:  This category is for new members who join CAL at the time of one of our Open Exhibits.  The new member enters the exhibit on-line, like a regular member, but must pay a small extra new members's fee.  Their personal contact information will be entered by CAL's membership chair from the data they submit on the exhibit entry form.  
   If the exhibit juror selects the new member's work(s) to be in the exhibit, they automatically become an Exhibiting Member, and the normal jurying-in process is bypassed.  Their status will be changed to either Exhibiting Member or New Associate, as appropriate.  As a New Associate, they will have to submit works to jurying committee before being able to enter later exhibits.   
Continuing Associate Member: This category is for members who joined as new associate members in the preceding (or earlier) calendar year but have not yet been juried in as an Exhibiting Member.    They may participate in all activities (including mini-shows and "Open" shows) but no other competitive  Juried Exhibitions.
    To participate in major juried exhibits, they must be juried in, as described in the New Associate Member section, above. 

Exhibiting Member: An artist may participate in all activities including major Juried Exhibitions. Acceptance to CAL as an Exhibiting Member will be determined by the Exhibit Committee based upon submission of three works for evaluation. Evaluations take place twice a year in Spring and Fall. Once juried in as an Exhibiting member, you will remain an Exhibiting member and may enter works in any acceptable medium in all CAL art exhibits.

Patrons and Spouse/Partners: These groups are for art collectors and non-artists who wish to learn more about fine art and participate in art community activities. This includes spouse/partners of Exhibiting and Associate members who live a the same address as full member.

Student Member: A full-time student over 17 years old.

     1.  You may apply on-line if you are able to use Pay Pal to make your membership payment.  This is done by picking the membership level you desire from the list at the bottom of this page, and going to "NEXT".  The system will ask for your name, contact information and payment details.  This will complete the application process, and you will become a new member of CAL.
     2.  You may apply manually by printing and filling out the Membership Application form (Click on the RED LINK below) and mailing it, along with your payment (check or money order, please) made out to California Art League to the Membership Chair address on the application form.  It will take a few days to process the application, and we will notify you as soon as processing is complete.    CAL Membership Application Form
    1.  You may renew on-line:  You may do this if you have a credit card to make a payment.  After logging in, click the "View Profile" just under your name.   Your personal data file will appear.  At the upper right, there is a button that says "renew until...".  Click on it, and the renewal process will begin.  If you do not have a Pay Pal account,  you can sign in as a guest and renew just like making any credit card purchase.
     2.  You may renew manually.  Just mail your renewal check or money order, made out to California Art League,  to Ken Ronney, CAL membership, 7357 Hesperia Ave, Reseda, CA  91335.  If the name on the check differs from your membership name, please include a note explaining who the membership renewal is for.

For questions regarding membership, please contact:
Membership Chair: Ken Ronney 818-996-1630

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